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Kurt Mortensen
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There are only two things that motivate us in life: inspiration and desperation. We either move toward that which inspires us, or we move away from that which fills us with despair or discomfort. Most people only use desperation’s motivational energy. Any persuader can motivate an audience with desperation, fear, and worry.

The problem is that motivation spurred by desperation does not last. People who are moved by desperation or fear are typically so preoccupied with what they’re trying to get away from that they can’t think of anything else.

If you want personal motivation to last, you need to rely on inspiration, which is rooted in our emotions and vision. The positive results that come from using inspiration as a motivator are obvious. And, inspired people don’t need a carrot dangling in front of them to get something accomplished. They are self-motivated and don’t wait for external factors to drive them one way or the other.

Motivation is not stagnant; we all will require different types of motivation. Every day, every hour we will require a different form of motivation. Great persuaders know when, how, and what type of motivation to use not only as a persuader but also in their personal lives. It is also critical to know what which combination of motivation to use in each persuasive situation..

When we look at life, we have to realize that it is not lived in segments, but rather, it is part of a greater whole. Every aspect of your life will either help or hurt the rest of your life. Our aim is to get all aspects working together to create a high-performing fund. Realize, however, that you can invest too much in one aspect of your life. When you do, you can get unbalanced just like a tire on a car. Even too much of a good thing can lead to disaster.

As you invest in yourself, you must make sure you are diversifying in the following six areas:

Financial: If you can’t take care of your financial needs, then you can’t take care of your basic needs. If you neglect your finances, imbalance will ensue. We all know that an inability to pay the bills affects every aspect of our lives. Financial freedom enables us to find true balance in our lives.

Physical: If you don’t feel well, you can’t even begin to think about the other aspects of your life. You need to have a health plan in place. Do you understand nutrition and exercise? If you don’t, your lack of health or energy will drop the value on your own personal mutual fund.

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