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Episode 308 - Achievement vs Alignment
Have you ever felt something was not quite right? That something was out of whack? Your motivation was decreasing instead of increasing? Just as in a mutual fund, where one bad stock can pull down the fund’s overall value, one bad area in your life can pull you down and destroy your motivation.

When we look at life, we have to realize that it is not lived in segments, but rather, it is part of a greater whole. Every aspect of your life will either help or hurt your success. Our aim is to get all areas of our life working together to create a high-performing fund. If you want balance in your life. If you want achievement – you must have alignment. Tune in to find out those 6 areas of your life that are part of your life alignment.

Episode 307 - Multiple Streams of Income - Jim Cockrum Interview
Every aspect of success and wealth includes your ability to generate multiple streams of income. I just finished a training in San Diego, CA. talking with entrepreneurs on creating multiple streams of income. I am very passionate about this topic because so many people just don't have the right vehicles to generate wealth.   

Join me for this week’s podcast when I interview industry expert Jim Cockrum. 

Jim has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Men’s Health magazine, eBay radio, and in countless news and radio programs as an Internet and online business expert. His podcast is consistently ranked in the top of the business/marketing category on iTunes.

For more information about Jim and his work visit:
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