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Episode 266 - Unknown Secrets of Charisma - Intuition and .......
Intuition is a big part of your future success. Intuition helps you read and understand people. It comes in an instant and we have to be ready to act simultaneously. Some call it a hunch, gut reaction or a feeling. Intuition is real and can be harnessed to increase your ability to influence and transmit charisma. Leaders who are able to distinguish between random thoughts and intuition are more successful in life and in business. Face it, just take a look at CEO’s of large corporations. They have access to all the logical research they need to make a good, educated decision. The successful ones will admit that ultimately they have to follow their heart and use personal intuition. Studies show that the majority of people use intuition, but had a difficult time verbalizing to others why or how it worked. 

As humans, (when we listen) we have the ability to read people from facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice or even a smell. This comes from our early programming as humans to be able to meet a person and instantly decide if they are a friend or foe. Those that have the ability to follow their intuition correctly would be able to sense danger or make a new friend. We know when we have met someone for the first time that we have categorized them in the first 30 seconds. We have decided if we like or dislike the person and this comes from our intuition.

Intuition expands our ability to tap into our previous experience, our knowledge and our stored memories. We might not remember what memories or experience we are drawing on, but it was something we already have learned and it is expressed as a gut feeling. The main obstacle that impedes us from following our intuition is convincing ourselves that it works and should be taken seriously. What are you listening for? How does your intuition talk to you? It can be called impulse, urge or even that inner voice. Start listening and you will save yourself a lot of time, energy and money. 

Listen to find out how to master intuition and the other secrets of Charisma.

Episode 265 - How Magnetism and Attraction Increase Persuasion - Keys to Presence #6
Are you magnetic? Are people drawn to you? People who know where they are going are able captivate, are passionate and are charismatic. You can tell when you meet them and when they enter a room. People are drawn to them because deep down people want to be passionate about something and when they see that passion in your eyes, you become more charismatic. They sense that you can help them and improve their lives. This does not guarantee everyone will like you, but they will respect you for your conviction and your passion. 

Passion is very contagious. When you transfer this passion, the people around you start to radiate that passion. They perform better, if it is at work, it is no longer work. They become more proactive, more willing to work as a team and become more optimistic. When you have tapped into this passion you become more determined and it increases your persistence. It starts to become a burning desire and consumes you and it radiates to others. 

A word of caution, just because you are passionate does not mean you can forego learning the skills you need to be successful. It is a critical piece of the charisma pie, but you still need more pieces of the pie to radiate powerful long-term charisma. 

How do you transfer your energy and enthusiasm?

Listen and find out….

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