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Episode 300 - How Persuasion Has Changed - And How To Adapt
Persuasion and influence have dramatically changed in the past twenty years. Social media has changed the way we communicate. Persuasion has changed. Your consumer, your prospects, and your customers all have changed.

We need to be able to help people persuade themselves. To be an effective persuader, you must be able to bring your audience around to your way of thinking. You can’t be the one that is throwing persuasion darts – hoping one of them will stick and win you the deal. You must learn to adapt to the times. Learn “How Persuasion Has Changed - And How To Adapt,” but also I will give you a free gift. 

Listen to find out the new tools and techniques and how to get your free gift – Power Negotiation Tools.

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Episode 299 - Hidden Subconscious Triggers That Get You Every Time
You are being persuaded all around you – And you don’t even know it. Your environment (colors, smells, music, symbols, etc.) all have an impact on persuasion and influence. That impact can help or hurt persuasion.

In his book Triggers, best-selling author Joseph Sugarman reveals that 95 percent of the reasoning behind a consumer's purchase is associated with a subconscious decision. In other words, most buying is done for reasons a person hasn't even put into logic.

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