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Episode 283 - Emotions (EQ) That Hinder Influence
Can you use fear to persuade? Does mood matter when you are attempting to influence? What about resentment, worry, depression and happiness – How do these emotions affect your ability to persuade?

Your emotional intelligence and triggering the right emotion is a major aspect of influence.

Join me for this week’s podcast on Emotions (EQ) That Hurt Influence. I will reveal the latest research on EQ and talk about the emotions that can help and hurt your ability to influence.
Episode 282 - Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Lying
Did you know your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important indicator for success and wealth than your IQ? This EQ is also critical in your relationships and your ability to read people. Emotional intelligence is a critical factor in detecting deception or detecting any type of emotion. How are you in reading people and identifying deception?

What is the Face of Truth?
Join me for this week’s podcast on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Lying. I will reveal the latest research on EQ and how to apply that to the world of detecting deception.
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