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Kurt Mortensen
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Episode 291 - Cracking The Gatekeeper Code
So who is this gatekeeper? Well, that's the person that's trying to stop you from getting to the person that you need to talk to you. This is the person you are attempting to persuade. This can be one of the biggest obstacles to sales, prospecting, and persuasion. How can you talk to the right person? This could be a secretary, a receptionist, a personal assistant, anyone that is answering the phones or that is stopping you from getting to your prospect.

Don’t be the one using those gatekeeper blunders that are keeping you from your prospect. It is easier than you think to get past the gatekeeper. Join me for this week’s podcast on Cracking The Gatekeeper Code.
Episode 290 - Turning That No to Yes
Tired of hearing that nasty word – The word NO. That NO is costing you money and costing you business. (Maybe costing you dating opportunities. :)  

There are things you are doing that can guarantee a NO AND there are things you can do to guarantee a YES.

 It is easier than you think to get more yeses and the science of influence is clear about how to do it. Join me for this week’s podcast on How to turn the NO into a YES.

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